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We have frozen semen available on most of the dogs on this (Stud Dog) Page.

 We can ship to most places in the world. We can recommend to you who is the best qualified to inseminate your female.

 DOC has semen already in Dortmund, Germany.

 Any questions regarding availability, or using frozen semen from one of our great males please send us an e-mail introducing yourself etc.

 Best Regards, John Glenn



DOC has been for the most part lightly used as a stud dog. A number of his first breedings were total outcrosses to all different pedigrees, sizes, shapes and colors. This was done to try to establish if he is proponent for any one or more traits.

He was successful in this as best as could be expected. That being said there is virtually no male that can do a total outcross to a bitch with 2 or 3 generations of the same fault.
For that his breeder of record would have you believe DOC can’t produce. My answer to that is simply this, if his breeder of record owned him he would be the best SIERRA STAFF EVER!!! Considering HEALTH, TYPE, TEMPERAMENT, SHOWMANSHIP, etc.

Now he has and is continuing in the future to produce quality on the highest level both in the show ring and their get also As a sire and Grandsire DOC has done very well considering he has been bred lightly compared to other top winning dogs.

I can tell you after keeping track of his offspring the pro’s and cons. Whenever you breed to DOC you will also have the influence of his father SMITH N WESSON. That means you need to do your best to have a good pigmented bitch to breed to him. If not you will get dogs and bitches that have no eye patch as it misses and hits the ears or none at all. On the other hand, Smiths’ two best qualities in my humble opinion are his head and overall balance.

I have lived around him for 11 years so I think I know a bit about him .
DOC bred to a red bitch with a black mask OLD SIERRA BLOOD and all have pigment

The best bitches in my humble opinion for DOC are WOODS as his mother is connected to there. Thats why he is what he is and for the most part all the years Sierra Staffs used Smith to just her Sierra bitches trying to produce another DOC she got nothing but bits and pieces as can be proven by the males she has produced.

Again, salesmanship goes a long way but a pinto will never beat a FERRARI!!
Also The proper Sierra bitch and I believe the right White Rock Bitch would be the best match for DOC!!

If there was a complete outcross I believe he would be good only if he didn’t have to correct any major faults but they complimented one another in phenotype.

After all they are all amstaffs are they not??
They 4 things I can almost guarantee 100% if breeding to DOC, you will get HEADS, BONE, FLASH, half the litter will be brindle if bred to a solid color bitch, and rear angulation depending how many generations of bad angulation is behind the bitch. Temperament extraordinaire.
Anyone can e-mail me or phone me and ask any questions you would like.



Lucky is a health tested BISS Specialty BEST OF BREED DOG as is DOC!!
He was used just once as an outcross.
He has been bred 2 times in my home to 2 different DOC daughters.
There are presently 3 of them on my website. They are 7 months and 5 1/2 months at the time of this writing.

This is a dog that when you first see him in photos or especially in person just takes your breath away.
For the red and white fans that like big heads, bone, etc. this boy I believe would put a head on a toy bitch.

Temperament extraordinaire.

He needs a bit more rear angulation but other than that he is all dog!!
I mentioned on his other page here that he had a temporary skin problem when he was under 1 year old. I had it addressed and he self cured. He has not passed on to any of his offspring in 3 litters any problems.

As all of our dogs, you may call or e-mail and ask anything you want concerning our dogs.



Bruno is a son of DOC and littermate to BELLA here on the females page.
A son of IZZY and DOC. Izzy is also on the females page with pedigree.
He was sold to a wonderful couple with 2 children in Venezuela. He has 6 titles including his American Championship done by his breeder from the BRED BY EXHIBITOR CLASS. Same with his sister BELLA!!

He left here around 13 or 14 months old.

As you can see here, he has head, bone, flash and his temperament is awesome also.

He produced the #1 AMSTAFF IN VENEZUELA in 2007. PILAR is her call name. Her photo can be seen on the DOC OFFSPRING PAGE!!

As all kennels after a while keep breeding in the same gene pool there comes a time they need to go out but hopefully to something that can compliment their female and if successful then you can do some more breeding in your line of choice from the offspring.

There is no guessing with DOC TO WOODS as I was the first to do it over 7 years ago with IZZY and DOC. I have continued on that path and it has gotten me to where I am today. This is in just 11 years and less that 10 breedings.

As of today and in the next few months I humbly submit that the dogs that live and fly the WILD WEST FLAG are as good or better than other kennels that have been around 20 or 30 years.

You be the judge. If you have been to the dog shows in California you have seen our dogs. As has the competition.

Let me make one thing clear, we are breeding for SPECIALS not just 2 or 3 litters a year to have more Champions than other kennels but to have the dogs that beat the average Champions as we have for 10 years.

We don’t talk about it here WE DO IT!!


     Wyatt at 4 months

Wyatt is just 1 year and 2 weeks old in this photo finishing his American Championship with Valerie.
I have never wavered in my direction since I started 11 years ago with DOC & KATIE. That you can see by looking at the pedigrees of the dogs and bitches on my website.

One of the stupidest things I have heard over the years is that I bought all my dogs, I never bred any of them!!!

I respectfully submit that which one of you didn’t start out by getting your first amstaffs from someone else?????? PLEASE TELL ME THAT LIE???? The second part of the question could be how many of you started with just one male and one female and built from there to one of the best kennels in the world??

If I remember correctly reading the Jacqueline Fraser amstaff book that someone bought her dogs from Mr. Herriman and another gentleman and started her kennel?? Does Harwyn ring a bell?? How can you accuse someone of buying a good dog??

I think everyone here gets the point??

I have watched dozens of poor misled folks come and go from buying their first dogs from the same places I GOT MINE!!!! I respectfully ask WHERE ARE THEY NOW??? I won’t embarrass anyone on my website by naming names all I know is I am still here.

WE ALL started somewhere with something. translation we are all caretakers!! Some of us take better care than others.

Yes it took me 11 years to breed this boy but have been part of other great dogs by virtue of owning the stud dog.

By all means look at the pedigree of this young man and I will say that his mother and grandmother were bred by me!!! If you also use your imagination you won’t have to be too much of an optimist to see that he potentially has the chance to also win a SPECIALTY BEST OF BREED and if he does, and passes his health tests then there are 3 generations not of just health tests but SPECIALTY BEST OF BREED DOGS in a row. Add to that Sierra’s Bold As Brass behind there and I will be proud of myself and ask anyone if they have accomplished that with out a ton of money and politics??

So for now he is pending his show results and his health test results at 2.
Looking at his phenotype and pedigree I would humbly submit the only thing that will prevent him from being a success is the long time breeders that know everything!!

Stay tuned for the future of this boy!!”


    Kahuna at 6 months

Kahuna is a very special boy. A product of the old and new Sierra blood at it’s best. This boy acts and looks just like his father. A testament to Doc’s ability to reproduce, and another of many examples of his prepotency. This pedigree is one of a kind!!! Thanks again to Mark Scroggins for making this all possible.


Bogi at 13 months

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