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Katie was my first Amstaff Female. I met the DelRio family in Dixon California in 1998 when Doc was just 10 months old. We struck up a pleasant conversation and one thing led to another and I was fortunate to be able to purchase Katie from them. I went to their home several times when the litter was born and took some part of the meal we enjoyed together when I was visiting.

I was told and shown many things regarding Saundra Dean and the Sierra line she created. Dave and Ann not only allowed me to pick the female of my choice, they gave her to me for such a great price that I won’t mention it here. I would like to think it was because they knew what I was going to do with her and that was breed her to DOC in the future. That’s where I got my start. A dog and bitch from two good but very different kennels. I kept a female from the breeding and moved forward to where I am today.

Katie was a loveable happy girl. Her ashes are here with DOC and IZZY on the shelf under DOC’S painting. I would like to think they are together again running and playing together. I have put a few photos of her here for you to enjoy. Again, things and people change for a variety of reasons but I want to make it clear that when I first met the DelRio’s and got my first female from them, I could not have been treated any better. I can’t believe it has been over 10 years since then but I remember very clearly when I asked Dave and Ann “How can you sell her to me at such a great price?

They simply said that they believed in treating others as you would like to be treated. With that I have tried to treat others in this breed as best I can and the results are varied. I think after 11 years people in general know the truth about me and how I treat the dogs etc. How we feel as humans towards one another is a tragedy but the dogs are worth it.


Click here to see more pictures and a pedigree of Kay Tee

Owner / John Glenn

Breeders / David and Ann Delrio

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