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   We have some very special breedings planned for 2012.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in the finest in our breed either for a Companion Dog or a Show Potential Dog.

John Glenn

future_breed_img04We have some very exciting and SPECIAL BREEDINGS planned in 2012 that involve special dogs and pedigrees. Most of our future combinations are one of a kind pedigrees that involve not only names of successful kennels, but our personal dogs are among the best quality in the world.

It would be very easy to on the one hand to stop all the wasting of money, energy, etc. On the other hand, after meeting as of late, a few good people in the breed and having been blessed to have had one of the best Amstaffs in our breed. I have decided to stay involved and try to assist other good people in the world to pursue their dreams of having a Quality Amstaff whether it is for just a companion or that and also something to show and use in a breeding program.

It has taken over 11 years before I had a website fully up and running for 2 reasons. The first reason was that I was enjoying DOC as my first Amstaff Show Dog and it was purely for the fun of it, along with meeting people that had the same love for the breed. That was fine until DOC started winning a lot! Then I found out how nasty and evil people can be. Especially the ones that try to supplement their income from the dogs. There are hundreds of websites and kennels that got 1 or 2 dogs and the next thing you know they are all top breeders with awesome pedigree’s etc.future_breed_img01

We always thought as we were watching others in our area of California that we wanted to have something special to offer someone and to have friends all over the world that enjoy the spirit of the sport and truly have the dogs first.

It has taken me 11 years to gather what I feel is some of the best quality in the breed. A combination of PHENOTYPE and pedigrees that compliment one another. In our way of thinking, there are good and bad in all so called lines. That being Amstaffs, there are in my opinion lines that can be bred together and make a better outcome, possibly in health and type. In our case we have the Sierra, OLD & NEW in our new DOC son from FIVE-O Staffs in Hawaii. DOC’S mother goes back to the woods line through York. It is that part that has led me to the woods being combined with DOC & His daughters that has gotten me to where I am presently. Along the way I now co-own a Cloverhill bitch with Sharon Stone of Cloverhill kennels. I also have acquired what Sharon Stone feels is the best overall pedigree in Cloverhill in CH Cloverhill’s Magnum Force, (AKA) BOGI OFA HIPS-HEART.

Believing that we ALL STARTED WITH OUR FIRST AMSTAFFS from someone else, we are all caretakers. I after 11 years am still on track with what I started with one other addition with the Cloverhill line that will be used but kept separate so to speak from the WOODS SIERRA combinations.

DOC is and will be the foundation as his offspring will be what this kennel is based on. His HEALTH, TYPE TEMPERAMENT, SHOWMANSHIP and PREPOTENCY seen through a number of his offspring is in an attempt to be able to offer others something special of quality for them to start their kennel, add to their kennel, or just have a quality son or daughter of our breedings to enhance your home and showing hobby.

future_breed_img02There are politics and things not very nice happening all over the world and in many other breeds. That being said I proudly can say as it is TRUE, I started at 47 years old and never been to a dog show. The times DOC was in the show ring I handled him 50% or more of his career!! I believe as an owner handler from 1998 through DOC’S show career no other owner handler accomplished what I did with DOC!! The reason I mention this is not to brag about me because I believe it was because of the dog and the judges of his time as I surely starting at 47 had no politics to get me ribbons. I believe that there will always be politics, etc. but with a GOOD DOG or BITCH you too can win and have special moments as I have in the past.

We at WILD WEST AMSTAFFS want you to have the very best possible to show or as I said just as a companion. We politely would like to point out, as you go to hundreds of websites and read all the colorful descriptions and sales pitches, that you carefully do your homework as best you can. The main thing you need to know first and FOREMOST is what a good dog TRULY LOOKS LIKE!! Not listen to every one’s sales pitch to convince you their dogs are the best. Find out the truth through someone in the breed that truly has some good dogs or you at least are convinced that they know so the chance you won’t be taken advantage of is lessened. Those of you that are already sure what a good dog or bitch looks like then you will be well on your way to being successful and having some good dogs. I simply can’t keep them all and I believe as you look at my website and the dogs and bitches I have here that I can offer something good to you also so you can possibly enjoy some of the fun and success as I have in the past. This is the only kennel I believe that has 3 BISS Best of Breed dogs in our home that will be in your pedigrees if you get a pup from us.

As part of learning over the years, I found out from going to and FCI show that a dog needs full dentition to become a best in show dog and also they are judged on all their teeth in the shows. DOC was a Best in SHOW dog at a 4 day event in Mexico and also was TOP TERRIER with 3 group ones and a Group 2nd. The judge opened his mouth and I was wondering what in the heck he was looking for when I was told later, he was looking for a full set of teeth. Europe and other parts of the world need this and other things to compete on the highest level. Quite simply we feel that at this point we can now offer you potentially some very good dogs to show. Again not bragging but a matter of record and Pride, as California is arguably one of if not the toughest competition in America, there are kennels that boast how many Champions they bred last year, etc. We are proud to say we do not breed as much as those kennels do but we win on the highest level more than any other kennel has from 1998 through 2005. We as I have said have 3 different dogs to include a class bitch at the time to have won a total of 12 SPECIALTY BEST OF BREEDS!!future_breed_img03

For those of you that have been to National Specialties in America or World shows in Europe, etc. I think it is a good place on a large stage for you to at least see a lot of different types of dogs and meet a lot of different people. Look at the results and then you decide if you think that was the best dog or bitch to win year to year. If you think not, then you can meet others and pursue what you truly think is the best. This goes for our dogs as well. Our kennel and our dogs can be inspected with prior notice any time. We have nothing to hide here. If you want to know something in particular about a certain dog or bitch, please don’t hesitate to ask. Some kennels will try to convince you that their dogs while never being successful in the show ring, they are still better than the dog that wins constantly for generations. In some cases that may be true. That’s where you need to see DOGS and BITCHES whenever possible IN PERSON as major faults can be hidden in photos easier than they can in person. Bad bites and bad fronts for example are just a couple of things you can’t see in a photo or if a dog is in the grass.

As I move along here, keep one thing in mind as someone is telling you they have great show dogs to sell you!! Look at what they have in their kennel and ask yourself how can they send you something of top quality when they haven’t got anything themselves!! That is the case in the vast majority of the kennels. If they ever breed something that is in the top 20% they will keep it for themselves not sell it to you. If you go to purchase a thoroughbred race horse for example, would you go to a top stable with great race horses there or to a DONKEY FARM??

I know this is a bit lengthy but I wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves in this way because we have watched for a decade others here in California and other places sell so called show potential dogs all over the world and they would be strictly companion dogs in our kennel.

Are we perfect?? Absolutely not!! We DO NOT THOUGH nor have we in 11 years ever sold a show potential puppy to anyone in the world. We sold one male to a girl here in California. He can be seen on our DOC offspring page, his name is Wild West’s Zane Gray and he finished his Championship without a handler and he is fully health tested. Our sincere goal is to have friends all over the world we can visit on occasion, have you visit us and spend time also if you like and to do my best to give something to the breed that I have been blessed to have. My health in the last 3 years is declined but I am hanging in there.

future_breed_img05I want all of you that want to have quality in your kennel to know that I am trying to do my best to treat you in a respectful way and assist you in having quality as I have been blessed with through the offspring of our dogs. If you think we can be part of your future please don’t hesitate to call on us. We may change our policy in the future as we feel there are pro’s and cons on demanding a deposit that in a lot of cases is non refundable. We are for now going to have this as our policy. We will not ask you for a $500 non refundable deposit for example as we are not asking you for a deposit for any show potential puppy in advance as how can we? Unless you are sure 100% that we are capable of producing one for you. If at the time we confirm our female is pregnant and then she has the pups, we will then contact you and have some photos and give you our opinion upon their arrival of what we think and if there is something in the litter you are interested in. Then and only then will we ask you for a deposit.

ONLY in the case of a pet, or companion dog only we will ask for a small deposit after we feel you are potentially a good home for one of our kids as we refer to them as. There are so many people with websites and all of them of course regardless of the quality in many cases tell you and show you photos of inferior dogs and tell you that it is show quality just to sell you something. In closing here, there are a few ways to protect you and feel comfortable when dealing with us. Whether you decide to pursue a pup from us or someone else I think this advice is good no matter whom you decide to get a pup with.#1 You are invited unless you are 100% comfortable with our choice for you and after checking our references from all over the world. You are invited to come and pick out your own dog or bitch. That way there is NO WAY we can be accused of sending you a bad dog purposely!! We all know they change after 8 weeks but overall it isn’t that hard to pick out good from bad at 8 weeks. We stand behind our dogs here At Wild West Amstaffs.

What I mean by that is, if the bite goes off for some reason, the dog or bitch grows to be a GIANT!! Things of this nature that would prevent you from being competitive in the show ring on a high level. As we said, we want you to have the best we can as we are proud of our name and our dogs. We know how cruel the competition is at dog shows. We don’t want anyone asking you who sold you that terrible dog for example. We want you to win and have fun as we have been so blessed to do.

#2 we will bring the pup to you if you arrange it with us prior to the shipping. When investing a lot of hard earned money to possibly have a male or female be part of your present or future breeding program, you need to be able to KNOW either from the breeder or from their respected references that have dealt with us etc. We quite truly care about our potential future friends, owners of one of our family members in our dogs or if you breed to one of our males or purchase semen from us.

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