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Louise Merrill, Doc’s look alike sister SARAH, SMITH (their father) and one of her beagles.

Our first experience with any kind of AKC dogs or raising puppies was when DOC was born in our home April 14th 1997.

He was one of 10 puppies. I was told they were born 62 days after the breeding and I had the whelping box set up from the breeder of record with the lamp, etc. Well I came home on the 60th day at 2 in the morning from playing poker and there was a commotion in the back yard. Turns out the Mother Mandy had them in the dog house outside.

It was pitch black and I was out there with a flashlight crawling inside the dog house and after I made a few trips there were 10 of them. Having met Louise when I took Mandy Sierra’s Madam Pirate to Diane Allen’s home for her to be bred she and Diane were there for me from the very first frightening day!! Teaching me about the nails being kept short, etc. It seems like so long ago and then it seems like just yesterday. Louise was in Beagles since the early 60’s. They lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the time. How I loved going to visit them as doc and Sarah grew up. Louise went to puppy matches in Los Gatos to cheer on Smith’s kids as they were the first litter Smith Sired.

At the time of this writing, April 7th 2009, Smith will be 14 in July 2009.

I will always be grateful for her help and guidance as well as DIANE ALLEN, Smiths owner and as an observation, I have never heard Diane ever say a bad word to or about anyone in the 12 years I have been in the dog hobby. Truly a rare thing. May Louise Merrill be resting in peace with Sarah, Doc and her beagles until the day I hope comes when I can come around the corner and join them all once again as in the past!!

THANK YOU LOUISE for your kind, gentle and loving inner self. I hope to be just half of that when it is time for me to cash in my chips!!


Diane and Smith April 9th 2009 just short of 14 years old

Diane Allen is the daughter of Louise Merrill and owner of SMITH, DOC’S father. Smith’s first litter as a sire had DOC & SARAH.

Diane has always been there like her great mother with advice and support when ever needed for the last 12 years. In addition I have never heard Diane have anything bad to say to or about anyone all these years either. As you all know that is a miracle in this day and age. Thank you Diane for being our friend and look forward to another 12 years minimum.

Your friends,John & Vicky.


Marsha Wood Memorial Trophy

We Want to say thank you to MARSHA WOOD for all her advice ,friendship and shared stories that she ahared with me on the phone her last 15 months or so on this earth.

We spoke to her on the Monday when we sent flowers the day she was to go home. Tuesday she passed in the AM in her bed as I was told.

After 12 years in this breed you can hear good and bad about everyone. That being said, what she did under the name WOODFOREST is still having influence today in our breed.

There are other kennels after the founder passes that just fade away. This is not one of them. Her advice along with my research has allowed me to continue on my path of WOODS & SIERRA, mainly DOC HOLLIDAY and his daughters with 2 special dogs with WOODS in them I acquired from Parastone’s that has allowed me to share and enjoy the results.

I had a special Memorial Trophy hand Made in her honor that is in Philadelphia with the Amstaff Club to be given to the person that wins the Breed 3 times.

We are all caretakers and I am no different. I hope I can do some positive things on my watch to help continue one of the most respected names in our breed still today. May you rest in peace Marsha and hopefully we can pick up on oyr great conversations when I cash in my chips here.


Valerie and DOC Doc is over 10 here in his last show

At this writing it has been 11 years we have been associated with Valerie Nunes Atkinson and her Husband Peter.

Not only has Valerie been our agent and handler but we have become friends since before her marriage and 2 lovely children.

In fact she was pregnant with them individually while winning Specialties with DOC. Thank you Valerie for your mentoring and friendship as well as your professional handling and CARE for our kids.



They say you can look at life as the glass half empty or half full. Regarding our great breed and the people I have met in the last 12 years associated with it,I can say 100% that Hans & Lenny from the NETHERLANDS are 2 of the best people associated with everything that is good about our breed and hobby.

Honorable, loving our breed and just plain good people to be around with or without dogs. I am proud to be able to call them my friends and I would recommend them to anyone in the world if it is your desire to have a good home for one of your dogs or if you are looking for a companion or show potential dog. Thank you Hans & Lenny for being people that someone can shake hands with and are men of your word. In this day and age that is truly a rare but welcome thing.


Thomas, Oskar, Bug, Fonzie, Alice

Thomas is our recent welcome addition and extension to our kennel in Europe. He is a gentleman and we are looking forward to our friendship and future in the breed together and as friends. We appreciate your integrity and honesty Thomas.


Joann & Kahuna

We had the pleasure to meet Joann with her boy Tonka at a show where I was Judging an A match for the new club I am in here in Northern California.

She loves the dogs and is a breath of fresh air that she brings with her to the shows. I am fortunate to have her help me with training the dogs and I am doing my best to mentor her and be a friend.


Becky and Diva Specialty Breed Win

We met Becky approximately 7 or 8 years ago and over the years have talked and gotten to know one another.

She is a person that doesn’t get into the games and politics of the dog world. I am proud to call her a friend and enjoy the dogs with her as the years go by. She was the one that handled Diva at exactly 1 year old from the classes to Win a Specialty in Portland January 2007. Thank you Becky for being a friend and helping to answer the many questions I have had over the years.


Lil Miss and DOC puppies september 2007

Pictured is Mark Scroggins of Five O Kennels in Hawaii with his wife Missy and I and the 4 males from the Doc Lil Miss litter.

Mark is another rare gentleman in our breed. In addition a good father, husband etc. At this writing Mark is recovering from a serious stroke.

We wish him the best always. Another one we did business with on a handshake.

I would like to thank the following people that have in one way or another answered questions, gave advice, been involved with a breeding or in another case Mr. Class Olsson that in the future will be doing some mutual things with our kennel in the interest of the dogs and friendship between men.

    • Claes Olsson
    • Stepahnie Kolster
    • Lorene Wilson
    • Don & Kathy Logsdon
    • Jose Martinez III
    • Angela Smith
    • Ginny York
    • Bill Peterson
    • Betty Michl
    • Diane Calden
    • Johan Beclove
    • Pam Carter

She was truly a wonderful mother and lover of animals especially our great breed. May you and Steven be together for all eternity in peace.And a SPECIAL Mention to YVONNE MITCHELL from Australia that lost her beloved son Steven in his early 20’s and succumbed to her own health problems shortly after. We had the pleasure to be the host and hostess John & Vicky as she stayed 1 week with us at our home and went to the 2005 National Specialty with us in Las Vegas.

Your friends always Yvonne, John & Vicky and DOC who is probably sleeping with you again in heaven as he did when you were here at our home.

John& Vicky and the POSSE at WILD WEST AMSTAFFS

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