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“Please enjoy my site as it is dedicated to my pride and joy,
my companion, my very best friend and soul mate DOC Holliday”

introduction_01_25Our first AMSTAFF was born and raised in our home in San Jose CA. The two pictured here, Rad & Peaches were both rescues and were best pals for 10 years until introduction_01_17Rad passed away. Because of this, Peaches became very despondent. I placed Rad’s collar on my rear view mirror of my truck and to this day, still keep it there. In order to help her, I knew someone that had AMSTAFFS and said they would give me a puppy to keep Peaches company. They called me and said they had an adult female and if I wanted, I could take her home to see if she got along with Peaches, and if so I could have her. Later, I was talked into breeding her. At this point, I did not know a thing about AKC let alone breeding. The breeder convinced me she would assist in placing the pups if she could keep two from the litter. Success! Sierra’s Madam Pirate, also known as Mandy and Smith had 10 puppies. From that litter DOC emerged and the rest is history. This was Smith’s first litter as a sire.

introduction_01_36In short my love of the breed and sincere desire to have true friendships all over the world is the only reason I have decided to continue and create this website. The name of our kennel originated from my childhood. I was adopted and it wasn’t that great. As it turned out, I used to find myself in the darkness of a movie theatre as a kid with my Abba Zaba and chocolate covered raisins watching the “shoot em up” “bang bang” action of the Western Cowboy and Indian movies. TV also inspired me as I watched Hop Along Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, and Roy Rogers. I still love western movies past and present!! I have always been an animal lover both horses and dogs. Photo to the left is John and his first dog PEE WEE a rescue. Thats a Hop Along Cassidy T-Shirt !! CIRCA 1952 2 1/2 years old.introduction_01_30

If it wasn’t for the support behind the scenes with the whelping, nurturing, and motherly attention to both the dogs and myself I couldn’t do what I am and have what we have without my life partner Vicky. For 32 years she has been with me and for some they would say that qualifies her to be a SAINT!! Heck most would have you believe I am the Devil himself at times. I guess 32 years living with me must really be hell. ALL our puppies are raised with all the love and affection you could imagine. At different stages of them growing up they all get to sleep with Vicky or me or both. They are spoiled rotten and Vicky cries when they go to their new homes. They are our kids. When they first open their eyes, get up on their feet, they look at you and you just melt as they are depending on you to care for them and show them affection How could you not??

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